Terms of Service

By using our service you agree to the following

  1. Content
    You agree that you will not share illegal content and/or information.
    Please consult our Rules for further classes of prohibited data and/or information.
  2. Ownership of Content
    You agree to only upload content and/or share information you have a right to distribute. By uploading or sharing information, no ownership is transferred, and you assume liability for everything you share.
  3. Distribution
    You allow us to distribute content you upload and/or information you share to other users.
  4. Storage
    You allow us to store any files you upload for the duration these files are visible in the Room to which you uploaded.

Privacy Policy

  1. General Data Collection
    We collect as little data as possible, and do not share or sell any data, unless ordered by a court or upon official and lawful police requests.
  2. Profile data
    Should you choose to register an account, we will only store whatever you entered yourself (which can be changed at any point by you). We do not keep any data beyond that, e.g. we do not keep any access or upload logs.
  3. Cookies
    In order to kept you logged in and secure and/or remember which rooms are yours, we use cookies. We do not use cookies for any other purposes.
  4. Files
    Files are only stored for the duration they are visible in a Room. We do not keep any copies nor any associated meta-data after a file expires or was manually removed.
  5. Chat protocol and history
    We do not log chats at all. Messages are only present in our system while they are delivered, i.e. for a few seconds, and removed afterwards.
    The chat history you may see when reopening a room is entirely stored in your own browser, and can be removed with the privacy tools your browser may provide.
  6. Exception
    If an automated system or moderator has to take action against you for violating our Terms or Rules or otherwise try to abuse or harm our systems, we will retain a record of that activity indefinitely.
    This record may include your user name, IP address, file names and/or hashes, and other related information.
    We will not share this data either, unless ordered by a court or upon a lawful police request