Breaking any of these rules can get you muted, banned, your room closed and/or your files deleted. This may be temporary or permanent if a VERY serious offense is made. Moderators may also come to your home and eat your doner pizza without paying.

  1. Forbidden content
    It is forbidden to link to or upload any content that is illegal to own or share. Uploading files that are named in a way that suggests illegal content or otherwise appear to be illegal is also forbidden.
  2. Copyrighted Content
    I will respond to valid DMCA notices, only because I have to (sorry!).
    Please note that copyright exceptions such as "fair use" are narrowly defined by the law. Consult a lawyer if you're not sure whether to file a DMCA complaint. Invalid DMCA complaints will be ignored.
  3. Advertising
    Unless previously agreed with RabbitJunk, advertising your services here is not allowed.
    This does not include advertising your profiles on other porn sites, chat groups, etc. As long as it's relevant in the room that you're in, and you don't spam, feel free to send those links in chat.
  4. Harassing the staff
    I care more about the moderators than myself. If our mods are harassed in any way, I will probably look into it and take action if necessary.